Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Whole New World

As I was awaken this morning by a loud noise coming from construction next door, I found myself on the floor as though my room in the barracks was under attack. I realized this is a whole new world. Loud noised only annoy people here. Through time I will adjust, but as for now some things are harder than others. I fall asleep around 6pm and wake around 3am due to living in another time zone for so long. Driving in crowded traffic is another wild experience because I can't just run into people and push them out of my way. There are legal issues surrounding not stopping for red lights and red signs here. Its hard not to have the thought run through your head when a car pulls up beside you of weather or not it has enough C4 to take out an entire block. Another adjustment is seeing children who aren't chasing after moving vehicles to ask them for food or water. To see a young boy walk down the side of the street and not throw hand grenades or rocks at you as you drive by. To be around people who are enjoying a peace in this country that others can only see though television or newspaper is so different. There are no genies or magic carpets in this world, but its is a whole new world for me right now. One day I will completely adjust I hope, but forever I will remember what it was like without peace. Today and everyday my prayer has become that through all the turmoil in and around Iraq, we touched at least one generation of people who will some day stand up to terrorism and create an environment of peace for their sons and daughters to grow up in. If I do ever have to step foot in that country again I just want to see a glance of families who aren't wondering if tonight is when their house gets hit and they don't wake up tomorrow. Please bless them Lord, Amen